Join the world’s largest magic organisation.

Ask any of the world’s top magicians about what contributed to their success the most and you’ll hear one resounding answer over and over again. They all credit their peers and mentors within the magical community with providing invaluable support and guidance.

Being part of a supportive organisation dedicated to assisting New Zealand magicians could give you the advantages you need.

New Zealand has a thriving community of magicians. The International Brotherhood of Magicians has been actively involved in this community since 1958 with the formation of Kiwi Ring #160. The I.B.M. regularly hosts meet ups, special events, conventions and lectures by renowned international performers. Joining the I.B.M automatically gives you access to all of these events. As a member of the I.B.M., you will enter into a magical world of learning, performing and fellowship. It is a great place to make friends who share your interest in magic.

World Leader in Magic Instruction

"Joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians opened a door to the amazing world of magic for me. For over thirty years the articles, magic and even ads in The Linking Ring have stimulated my imagination. Every I.B.M. Convention I've attended has filled me with ideas and inspiration."

Master Illusionist

"I've been an I.B.M. member since I was 13 years old. The organisation has given me a foundation of knowledge, training, and encouragement that has been absolutely crucial to my development as a magician. I would not be where I am today without everything that I've learned."

Magic in your mailbox, every month!

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The I.B.M.’s official journal, The Linking Ring, informs you about all aspects of magic. Noted performers and writers review the secrets to performing close-up, stand-up and stage magic. Learn many new tricks and how to improve your presentations. Enjoy reviews of recently released books, tricks and videos/DVDs. Read exclusive feature stories on magic's noteworthy personalities and future superstars. The Linking Ring is published monthly with an average of 164 jam-packed pages. You get access to the online digital edition or the regular printed magazine in your mailbox.

Library access.

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As an I.B.M. Ring 160 member you also gain access to our teaching materials library which includes many of the coveted classic books on magic and an extensive selection of popular DVDs. You can collect and return physical items from the library at the regular Auckland meet ups or have them posted out to you. Digital only items can be easily loaded onto your electronic device.

Perks of Membership.

Members also get preferential rates when attending lectures or on convention registration fees. You can sometimes receive complementary tickets to visiting international magic shows. You even get a free profile page on the I.B.M. website where you can share your bio, social media links and photos to get your name out.

It's EASY to join.

Complete the application form here and you’ll be well on your way to joining the world’s largest organisation of magicians. Immediate payment is not required. You’ll be sent an invoice from our treasurer once your application has been processed. Please also read carefully and agree to the I.B.M. pledge. This is about upholding our Code of Ethics. Encouraging strong ethical standards is important because it helps ensure magic as an art form continues to be held in high esteem by the public.

Junior Membership
  • For ages 7-17
  • Linking Ring Magazine*
  • Full library access
  • I.B.M. event discounts
  • $50 p.a.†

Active Membership
  • For ages 18+
  • Linking Ring Magazine*
  • Full library access
  • I.B.M. event discounts
  • $70 p.a.†

Associate Membership
  • For spouses/assistants
  • Linking Ring Magazine
  • Full library access
  • I.B.M. event discounts
  • $25 p.a.†

* Standard access to The Linking Ring magazine is via the on-line digital edition or PDF download. Members also receive digital access to all back issues of The Linking Ring dating from 1922. Print editions can be mailed monthly from the U.S.A for an additional annual fee of $30.

† For new members to the I.B.M. there is a one time application fee of $15. All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars.

Application for Membership

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By submitting this form, I am agreeing to abide by the I.B.M. Pledge which is as follows: I hereby pledge that I will abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and of any affiliated Rings of which I may become a member and any and all amendments thereto as well as its Convention mandates. I further pledge that I shall never violate any part of THE CODE OF ETHICS of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. I also pledge not to expose the modus operandi of any magical effect. Upon my honor, I pledge to the above and attest that all statements made by me in this application are true.